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The original Cooper Cooper Hospital 1887, opened 10 years after it was built

Cooper Hospital

Today in 1887 Camden’s Cooper Hospital opened, four patients arrived seeking to be admitted, but they were turned way.

Marine Sniper Stock Photo

Camden NJ’s ‘Ghost Sniper’

Reminiscent of the Washington DC Sniper attacks, Camden had its own in the late 1920’s which was quite the mystery of its time. There are dozens of articles about it, and the sniper had 48 “victims.”

Borstein's Electric, Storefront. Circa 1943

Borstein Electric Company

The Borstein family began the business in 1918. The business was at 930 Broadway during the winter of 1921.

Fan and Sun Stock Photo

Boudov Coal and Ice Company, Incorporated

In the days before electric refrigerators and heat fueled by fuel oil or natural gas, Boudov Coal and Ice company fulfilled the needs of Camden.

Politics - Elephant and Donkey - Stock Photo

Twelfth Ward Republican Club

The Twelfth Ward Republican Club, aka East End Republican Club, has a long and interesting history. Prior to the 1899 merger with Camden, the town of Stockton, which comprised of what is now known as Cramer Hill and East Camden, had a very active political scene.

The Benjamin Cooper House – Supplemental Data

History – Built 1734 by Benjamin Cooper; Present Owner, The Mathis Shipbuilding Company

The Benjamin Cooper House – Historic American Buildings Survey

The Benjamin Cooper House
Point and Erie Streets
Camden, Camden County, Hew Jersey

Benjamin Cooper House - 1901

The Benjamin Cooper House

The house Benjamin Cooper built in 1734 was one of only two pre-Revolutionary War structures standing and undamaged in 2012.

Oasis Motel, featured in the 1995 film, 12 Monkeys

The Oasis Motel

After the erection of the Hotel Walt Whitman and the opening of the Admiral Wilson Boulevard, many of the same individuals involved in the hotel project became interested in establishing an athletic club on the new thoroughfare. This group was originally known as the City Athletic Club, and among its members were J. David Stern, publisher of the Evening Courier and Morning Post newspapers, James J. Scott, lawyer Ralph W. Wescott, and realtor Samuel B. Dobbs.

Walt Whitman Portrait, courtesy The Courier-Post.

Walt Whitman

WALT WHITMAN, Camden’s “Good Grey Poet’, the life of whom a subject that has been written on at length by many people far wiser than I. Rather than rehash much that is to be read elsewhere, I will present things of interest concerning Whitman, his life and times in and around Camden, and comments by those who knew him and other contemporaries.

East End Trust Company- 1927

East End Trust Company

The East End Trust Company was first organized on May 26, 1905. Dr. C.F. Hadley was the first president. Other founders and early directors included John Schimpf, Frederick von Nieda, and John Crawford.

South Camden Trust Building. August 2, 2003

South Camden Trust

The South Camden Trust Company was opened for business on April 2, 1921.