Acme Staple Company

1643-1647 Haddon Avenue

William J. Brown Jr. was developing staplers in Philadelphia PA in the late 1870s. The first stapling machine with a magazine that held a supply of preformed wire staples that were fed automatically to the staple-driving mechanism was patented in 1878. The Brown No. 5 Stapling Machine was patented in 1887.

William Brown formed the Acme Staple Company Ltd. in 1894. The firm moved to Camden NJ in 1909.

The Acme Staple Company operated for many years in a brick plant at 1643-47 Haddon Avenue in Camden NJ. In 1959 the company moved to a 40 acre site in Franklin, New Hampshire.

Today, the Acme Staple Company designs, manufactures and distributes staples and staplers for a wide range of professional and industrial fastening applications. They focus on the design and manufacture of specialty staples and staplers.

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