Tydeman & Dooley

TYDEMAN & DOOLEY were a pair of comedic acrobats who starred on the B.F. Keith vaudeville circuit in the 1900s and 1910s.

Vincent A. Tydeman grew up in Camden, and also had a long career as a minor league baseball player. After retiring from baseball and the stage he remained a Camden resident until his passing in 1975. The Tydeman family lived in North and East Camden through the early 1990's, and were on Howell Street for many, many years.

The Dooleys were a family act, and at least one of the Dooley brothers, Johnny Dooley, lived in Camden for many years. The family name was originally Dool. Billy Dooley was the oldest and the third brother, Gordon Dooley, the youngest.

The Dooley's collectively had been a huge success for a brief time in vaudeville, and after the family act broke up several of the family went on to careers individually, with varying degrees of success.


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On the bicycle is Johnny Dooley. This photograph was shot on the set of When Knighthood Was in Flower in 1922. My best guess as to the actor dressed in black is that it is Downing Clarke, then 53, who played the role of Lord Chamberlain in the film.

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The Casson Brothers, a clever acrobatic team, have secured an engagement at Guvernator's pavillion theatre, Atlantic City, the last week in July. The team is made of Vincent Tydeman and William Dool, two local boys, Casson Brothers is their stage name [I assume this later became Tydeman and Dooley. --ed.]. Last season they did a turn at Electric Park and the management was much pleased. One of their dexterous acts consists of marvelous hand-to-hand balancing. Their work is refined and thoroughly up to date.

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