Seven Brothers Baking Company

322 Pine Street

THE SEVEN BROTHERS BAKING COMPANY was founded in 1910. In 1916, the seven Canzanese brothers, nephews of the original owner, took over management of the bakery. Under the direction of Vincent Canzanese, the bakery grew and was improved upon year by year. Originally delivering bread and rolls in Camden by horse-drawn wagons, the Seven Brothers Baking Company made the switch to trucks. By the fall of 1936 they were operating a fleet of eighteen vehicles, and were servicing groceries and restaurants over much of South Jersey. That year the Seven Brothers Baking Company introduced a new rectangular, pre-sliced Italian bread, a breakaway from the traditional round loaf.

By 1947 the Seven Brothers Baking Company was no more. The family had acquired the bar at 713 South 3rd Street, the corner of South 3rd and Pine Streets, which in the 1947 Camden City Directory was referred to as the Seven Brothers Cafe. Run by Vasco Canzanese, this bar was known into the 1970s as Vasco’s Cafe.

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