Vasco’s Cafe

713 S. 3rd Street, Camden, NJ

From the late 1900s through 1920 the saloon at 713 South 3rd Street was the home and place of business of Antonio DiPaolo, who would in 1919 found the First Italian Bank in Camden.

Joseph Harris operated the establishment in 1931, according the the City Directory of that year.

Frank Cipriani operated a speakeasy there in 1933.

By the mid 1940s, the bar at South 3rd & Pine Streets was known as the Seven Brothers Cafe. The seven brothers belonged to the Canzanese family, who had operated the Seven Brothers Baking Company at 322 Pine from 1916 through the late 1930s. By 1950 Vasco Canzanese had renamed the business Vasco’s Cafe. The bar traded under that name into the late 1970s. In 1967 Armando and Kathryn Camzanese of 3217 Braxton Walk in Camden’s Fairview section applied for the renewal of the liquor license.

As Vasco’s many banquets were held there. Vasco’s was famous for its tomato pies, their own particular type of pizza.

Vasco’s was located in the heart of Camden’s Little Italy neighborhood, and as the neighborhood changed, the bar’s fortunes declined, Vasco’s was sold at some point after 1977 to a man named Sewell, who ran it for a few years. When he passed away, the bar was closed permanently. Vasco’s has stood vacant for many years.

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