Olga's Diner

1600 Federal Street

Olga's Diner, for those poor souls who only know it as being located on Route 70 at Route 73 in Evesham Township, was originally located in Camden NJ. The diner above was built at some point after 1949. It soon became a popular Camden eatery, and remained so through the late 1970s.

I worked at the R.M. Hollingshead Co. from 1949-1959 (it is the large building visible in the picture behind Olga's) and every day I ate lunch at Olga's. The Olga's shown was opened about (I think) 1951.

If you look directly across Federal Street from the big Olga's to the left of Warren-Webster, there is a long row of houses. Attached to the end house is (or was) a one story yellow brick building about the size of a 1 1/2 car garage. That was Olga's original diner. It had a little counter with a couple of stools and a couple of tables with four chairs each. It was always crowded and had a waiting line.

It was the only place to eat in walking distance and there were a significant number of businesses in the immediate area. As I heard at the time, Dick Hollingshead helped Olga to get the necessary loans and whatever to expand so we employees (and others in the area) would have a place to eat.
Tom Agin


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