Holl Funeral Home

Arthur Holl was born in New Jersey in April 17, 1887. By 1918 he operated a large funeral home at 811 Cooper Street in Camden NJ. By 1920 he lived at and operated a second business at 1401-01 Princess Avenue in the new and fashionable Parkside section of Camden. He later sold that location to a Jewish funeral director, David Berschler. By 1930 he was living in Haddonfield NJ, and by 1947, with son Earl Holl had moved to and set up a second funeral home at 15 West End Avenue in Haddonfield NJ, and Earl Holl was also serving as the Camden County Coroner.

Arthur Holl passed away in Marlton NJ in March of 1980. His son Earl died February 1, 2000.

By 1959 the Camden location had been closed. The Haddonfield business became the Holl-Murphy Funeral Home by 1970, and remains in business as of 2003.

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