Camden Times

The Camden Times was founded in 1894 as The Stockton Times by George Lang.

In 1897 Charles W. Miller of 1046 North 18th Street became the editor and publisher. Unfortunately, Charles Miller was killed in a railroad accident in 1901. His daughter, Lillian, ran the paper for six months, during which time she set the type, ran the printing press, gathered the news and solicited the advertisements. Editorials were written by Rev. Roland Ringwalt.

Lillian sold the newspaper to John J. Tischner who soon changed the title to The Camden Times. At some point after 1921, Mr. Tischner sold the newspaper to Lincoln H. Maryott, who was in the printing business.

The Camden Times reported local news, primarily concerning East Camden, Cramer Hill, and adjoining areas in Pennsauken and Merchantville. The Camden Times was still being published as late as 1961, from 3514-3516 Westfield Avenue, the home of Lincoln Marryott’s printing business, Acme Craftsmen.

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