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Businesses which focus on manufacturing and hardware components for both Camden residents and non-residents.

Highland Worsted Mills Advertisement - 1915
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Highland Worsted Mills

In 1884 the Highland Worsted Mills were erected within the Camden Woolen Mills grounds and in 1896 the buildings of the old Camden Woolen Mills were also occupied by the Highland Mills. The Highland Worsted Mills operated under that name through at least 1915.

Antrim Hardware 15th & Federal St circa 1889
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Antrim Hardware

The Antrim Hardware Company operated on Federal Street in East Camden for almost 100 years, before being bought up by a Philadelphia based firm in the mid-1980s.

The Eavenson & Levering plant at South 3rd & Jackson Streets, as viewed from the southwest.
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Eavenson and Levering Company

Founded in 1902 by Alban Eavenson and J. Walter Levering in Philadelphia, the Eavenson & Levering plant scoured wool so it could be processed into yarn.

Lumber Trees Stock Photo
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DuBell Lumber Company

In 1922 William, Charles, and grandson Lester went into business for themselves, founding the DuBell Lumber Company at 18th and Federal Street in East Camden.

Fan and Sun Stock Photo
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Boudov Coal and Ice Company, Incorporated

In the days before electric refrigerators and heat fueled by fuel oil or natural gas, Boudov Coal and Ice company fulfilled the needs of Camden.

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Garlock, Inc.

The factory at 602 North 10th Street belonged to the U.S. Gasket Company at the time the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled.

Wrench Hardware Stock Photo
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Camden Hardware Company

The Camden Hardware Company operated at 1107 Kaighn Avenue from about 1910 into the 1960s. It was founded by Simon Cybulski and his wife Martha. The Cybulskis were among the earliest Polish immigrants to Camden. The 1906 City Directory shows the family living at 1443 South 10th Street, not far from St. Joseph’s Church.

Leather Stock Photo
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Reynolds Leather Company

The Reynolds Leather Company was one of many business that were involved in the processing and manufacture of leather goods. The business operated out of a two story factory designed by noted architect Joseph N. Hettel at 816 Division Street.