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News businesses in Camden, whether newspapers or radio stations.

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Camden Times

The Camden Times was founded in 1894 as The Stockton Times by George Lang. In 1897 Charles W. Miller of 1046 North 18th Street became the editor and publisher. Unfortunately, Charles Miller was killed in a railroad accident in 1901.

This abandoned building in Pyne Poynt Park was for many years the site of the transmitter for radio station WCAM. Photo taken during the summer of 2003.
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Radio Station WCAM

Camden’s oldest radio station dates back to September 1925 when it signed on as WFBI at 1270 AM under the ownership of Robert Galvin. The city government became involved soon afterward. The official dedication of the now municipally-owned radio station, rechristened WCAM, occurred in Convention Hall, occurred on March 29, 1926. The station moved, sometime after 1931, to the 17th floor of the new City Hall Building at South 6th and Federal Street. Eventually it was permanently assigned 1310 on the AM band as its frequency.