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Electrical Bureau Crew: Frank Fahr, Mike Speno, John Smith, Bo Jones, Paul Moll, Noah Johnson, Frank Caprice, Ray Hoffman
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Electrical Bureau, Camden NJ

My father worked for the Electrical Bureau in Camden for 30 years, from approximately 1973 to when he retired in 2004. He has since passed and I have been maintaining his website on his behalf, until which time it makes sense not to. Here are a gallery of his photos which he has either collected or taken.

Politics - Elephant and Donkey - Stock Photo
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Twelfth Ward Republican Club

The Twelfth Ward Republican Club, aka East End Republican Club, has a long and interesting history. Prior to the 1899 merger with Camden, the town of Stockton, which comprised of what is now known as Cramer Hill and East Camden, had a very active political scene.

Forest Conservation Stock Photo
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Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.)

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public work relief program for unemployed men, focused on natural resource conservation from 1933 to 1942.

Politics - Elephant and Donkey - Stock Photo
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Sixth Ward Republican Club

The SIXTH WARD REPUBLICAN CLUB was active in Camden through at least 1947. Camden politics were a peculiar affair in the 1920s.

Linden Elementary School
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Linden Public School

In December of 1887 the Camden Board of Education approved the purchase of land on the east side of Tenth Street at Linden Street “at thirty-five cents per foot” for the purpose of constructing a new school for colored children. Work on the new school did not begin for two years, and it was not until March 3, 1890 that the new school, on the northeast corner of Tenth and Linden was completed and named, appropriately enough, the Linden School. Miss Anna Johntra was appointed the school’s first principal of the boys’ department and Miss Frankie Messler the first principal of the girls’ department. Miss Johntra was appointed principal of both departments in December of 1905, and remained at the helm of the Linden School until her retirement in June of 1916.

Postcard of the Carnegie Library, Broadway & Line St.
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Carnegie Library (AKA the Camden Free Public Library)

The Library Committee of City Council, on February 24th, adopted a resolution presented by Councilman Charles H. Ellis, formally accepting Andrew Carnegie’s offer of $100,000 for a public library in Camden. On April 28, 1903 the Free Library Trustees recommended the purchase of the Dialogue property, at Broadway and Line Street, 80 x 1600 feet, for the new Carnegie Library. The sum asked was $15,0900 and on November 4, 1903 the property was obtained for that sum.

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Camden County Municipalities, 1964

Camden Courier-Post, May 19, 1964

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South Jersey Law School, The Archive, 1931

The Archive of South Jersey Law School Camden, New Jersey for 1931

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Camden Law School – The Archive, 1930

The Archive of South Jersey Law School Camden, New Jersey for 1930

Camden Commercial College
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Camden Commercial College

The CAMDEN COMMERCIAL COLLEGE INC., a privately owned and operated business college, had opened its doors in the Temple Theater building at 415 Market Street by 1906. George O. Swartz, of Wenonah, was then the school’s president, with Joel O. Swartz of Devon PA serving as the secretary and treasurer of the corporation.

By 1924 the Camden Commercial College had relocated to 323-325 Federal Street, with a rear entrance on Arch Street. The school remained open at this location as late as 1947. By 1956 the school had closed its doors.

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Bonsall School

#1 Truck
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Trash Fire at Davis and Copewood Streets

Once again, the Camden Fire Department was dispatched to the former site of the Coriell Institute for another trash fire at the rear of the property. The fires in the abandoned structures are a complete pain in the ass, as there is no water supply near where the fires have been set, and hose has to be dragged a great distance in order to extinguish them.