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The Year 1828 – Camden, NJ

On February 13, 1828 the Council and General Assembly passed “An act to incorporate a part of the Township of Newton in the County of Gloucester”. This was the first charter of the City of Camden.

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Span of a Century – Intro

The land upon which Camden is located has been more or less regularly settled for nearly 250 years, but the idea of forming a town of Camden seems to have first taken shape during the period of the Revolution. Philadelphia at that time was the largest city on the continent, and Camden was the outcropping of those influences which made the Quaker City what it was. The name given the town – Camden – was chosen in the spirit of patriotism and gratitude, for it was Charles Pratt, Earl of Camden, and Lord Chief Justice of England, who had uniformly befriended the colonists in their struggle for independence.