Camden Commercial College

The CAMDEN COMMERCIAL COLLEGE INC., a privately owned and operated business college, had opened its doors in the Temple Theater building at 415 Market Street by 1906. George O. Swartz, of Wenonah, was then the school’s president, with Joel O. Swartz of Devon PA serving as the secretary and treasurer of the corporation.

By 1911 the school had been sold to a group headed by Camden businessman C.C. Heimbach. He was president and at least for the first few year principal, while C.R. brinkman served as treasurer. The city directory shows its location at 23-25 Broadway. The school remained at this location through at least 1914.

By 1924 the Camden Commercial College had relocated to 323-325 Federal Street, with a rear entrance on Arch Street. The school remained open at this location as late as 1947. By 1956 the school had closed its doors.

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