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Harry Kaufman

Harry Kaufman opened his iconic store in 1951. He sold it in 1976.

After World War II he purchased a surplus army truck and began selling housewares at various flea markets like Columbus & Englishtown. In 1951, he purchased a building on Rt 130 just north of the Airport Circle. When he found housewares sales slowing around Christmas he added toys and bikes. In the spring he added garden supplies, outdoor furniture & pools, in the fall he added school supplies.

Within a few years, mostly through word-of-mouth, everyone knew where to go for the best prices. His success was rooted in high volume and low overhead.

In 1976 he decided to sell the business, but refused offers from Kiddie City. He had a winning formula and wanted to keep his business out of corporate hands. The new owners kept the name and it continued to thrive at the same location under the management of John Lancaster until the end of 1999. It then moved further north on Rt 130 called New Harry’s Discount that sells swimming pools and bikes, no toys. It is nothing like the original.

Harry retired to Florida where he died in 2004.

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