Felix Bocchicchio – FBI Rap Sheet

This post is courtesy of Rick Grenda in his Facebook Group, About South Jersey.

NAME: Felix Bocchicchio

ALIASES: William Arthur Trevers, John J. Bartlet.

DESCRIPTION: Born 1907, U.S., 5’7″, 145 lbs., slender build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, dark complexion, has stiff right leg, old bullet wound.

LOCALITIES FREQUENTED: Resides 16 Black Horse Pike, Mount Ephraim, N.J., frequents 500 Club, Atlantic City, N.J., Bo-Bet Motel, Mount Ephraim, N.J.

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Married, wife’s name Elizabeth; brother’s name Anthony.

CRIMINAL ASSOCIATES: <redacted>, Angelo Bruno, Peter Cassela, Pasquale Massi, Dominick Pollino, Louis Campbell, Dominick Olivetto, <redacted>, all of the Philadelphia, Camden area. Lucky Luciano, Italy.

CRIMINAL HISTORY: FBI #359540, Camden PD #5577; arrests since 1925 including larceny, murder suspect, holdup, white slave traffic act, escape and breaking prison, assault and battery, state liquor violations.

BUSINESS: Fight manager, owns Bo-Bet Motel and K.O. Car Wash, Mount Ephraim, N.J., Co-owner with brother Anthony in City Liquor Co., 4 West Kinds HIghway, Mount Ephraim, N.J.

MODUS OPERANDI: Gambler in underworld, Philadelphia-South Jersey area; alleged master mind behind many burglaries and robberies in Camden and Philadelphia area. Close associate of Mafia leaders in Camden area.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5007887165930347&set=pcb.1663243824054957

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