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Welcome to a site dedicated to the fascinating and local history of Camden, New Jersey. Camden is just across the river from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and, while it is not the city it once was, there is a rich story to be told. From the founding of a quaint little settlement by the Coopers, through the acquisition of surrounding towns, muddy and dirt roads, the addition of the automobile, becoming a town, and eventually a vibrant city with industry leaders, remnants of Camden's history are all around you, if you know where to look. And we will help you do just that.

Using the menu and search functionality, you may find that the dirt trail used to be a street. Maybe you are searching for information about your relatives. Maybe you are checking out our news archives for Camden News. Or perhaps you are just browsing! Regardless of your reason, join us! Sit down and have some virtual coffee, get email updates on new content (see 'subscribe' area on each page), add your own comments and knowledge (registration required), and let's chat!

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Latest Posts

  • Firmin F. Michel
    After graduation from the South Jersey Law School in Camden, Firmin Michel took a position with Joseph A. Varbalow and also was City Solicitor
  • Haddon Avenue
    Haddon Avenue is one of the oldest roads in Camden, dating back to at least 1792 when it became basically a bridle path.
  • Frank Doris
    Frank Doris, among other crimes, shot and killed a Philadelphia police officer and was later executed by electric chair.
  • Victor Mixed Chorus at Trinity Studios
    A newly unearthed negative from the Victor vaults shows Rosario Bourdon conducting members of the Victor studio band billed as 'Victor Mixed Chorus' & Orchestra at Victor's 'Trinity Studios' in Camden, New Jersey.
  • Joseph V. O'Connor
    Joseph V. O'Connor, aka Joe Connors, was a Camden ship-fitter who was caught up in gang activity and later killed by gunshot.
  • John Doris
    John Doris was murdered at Trenton State Prison in 1930, after a fight where he shot a local gangster. His murder was never solved.
  • Andrew Scarduzio
    Andrew Scarduzio was a political player in Camden who was killed at a bar in Bellmawr NJ.
  • Joseph "Mose" Flannery
    Joseph 'Mose' Flannery was a political figure in Camden in the early 1900's, also involved in organized crime. He was murdered, as was his suspected murderer.
  • George Genge School
    George Genge School was the first school of Camden City. It was razed for construction of the current City Hall.
  • The West Jersey Ferry (Excerpted)
    This ferry was established about 1800 by Abraham Browning, Sr., an intelligent and enterprising farmer of the territory now braced in Stockton Township.
  • John G. Hutchison
    John G. Hutchison was the superintendent of the West Jersey Ferry for more than 30 years and was a Camden "lifer."
  • West Jersey Ferry (aka Market Street Ferry)
    Photos and excerpts about the West Jersey Ferry (aka Market Street Ferry) Depot