12th Ward G.O.P. Backs Selection of Woodruff

Camden Courier-Post - January 26, 1938

The Twelfth Ward Republican Club last night passed unanimously a motion to endorse the action of Hanna in advocating election of former Senator Albert S. Woodruff as a member of the Delaware River Joint Commission.

The club also passed unanimously a resolution urging Woodruff's appointment.

The motion to endorse Hanna's action was made by Police Chief Arthur Colsey and the resolution was presented by Charles S. Wright. The resolution:

"Whereas a vacancy on the Delaware River Joint Commission exists," and

"Whereas this vacancy must be filled by a resident of the State of New Jersey, and

"Whereas former Senator Albert S. Woodruff worked diligently and energetically for legislation creating the original bridge board and is wholly conversant with the activities of said commission, and

"Whereas in the opinion of the members of the Twelfth Ward Republican Club, City of Camden, State of New Jersey, the best interest of the citizens and taxpayers of our section of the State of New Jersey will best be served by a member from this locality, now therefore

"Be it resolved that former Senator Albert S. Woodruff be appointed to the vacancy existing in the Delaware River Joint Commission and that this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this organization and copies be sent to Sen. Albert E. Burling, Assemblymen Rocco Palese, Millard E. Allen and Lawrence H. Ellis, State Committeeman Frank B. Hanna, State Committeewoman Florence Baker and the Courier-Post newspapers."

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