2 Runaway Horses Imperil Children

Camden Courier-Post - May 17, 1934

Gallopers Stage Impromptu Race in South Camden Traffic

Scores of children on their way to school were endangered yesterday when two horses hitched to a bakery wagon ran away in South Camden streets, ignoring red traffic lights and shouts of pedestrians and motorists. A horse hitched to a wagon of the Seven Brothers Bakery, 322 Pine street, broke loose from its wagon at Third and Berkley streets when it was frightened by a truck, according to Joseph Cirelli, Second and Washington streets, the wagon driver. The animal raced east in Berkley street to West street, where it collided with an automobile. Despite numerous cuts and bruises, the horse continued its dash eastward.

At the headquarters of Frethofer Bakery Company, Fifth and Berkley streets, where several bakery wagons were being loaded, the runaway animal frightened the horses of the company, and one bolted.

Both horses crossed Broadway, demoralizing traffic and sending scores of children running in all directions to escape the menace of flying hoofs and a careening wagon.

At the railroad tracks, the bakery wagon and one horse was captured.

The other horse turned north in Sixth street, pursued by Motorcycle Policeman William Thorn.

Thorn overtook the horse and brought it to a stop at Sixth and Stevens streets, opposite Cooper Hospital, The animal was taken to the city stables at Federal street and Admiral Wilson boulevard, where it was later claimed by the driver.

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