Camden Courier-Post – January 12, 1933

Thieves’ Gang Believed Broken by Captures; Stolen Machines Found

A ring of bicycle thieves is believed by police to have been broken last night with the arrest of four youths and recovery of five bicycles and parts of several others.

Those held on charges of larceny are Joseph Helfer, 17, of 340 North Tenth street; Willlam Albertson, 16, of 113 North Eighth street; Walter Urban, 17, of 109 Allen’s Court, and Frank Paterino, 16, of 634 Linwood street.

They were arrested in Urban’s home by Lieut. Herbert Anderson and Detectives Walter Smith and John Trout, who have been investigating a series of recent bicycle thefts. The bicycles and parts were found in the homes of all the youths.

Two of the bicycles were identified by Roland Taylor, of 108 South Fourth street, and Frank Passwater, of 441 Judson place.

According to Lieutenant Anderson, all but Helfer have been arrested several times before for the same offense.

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