9 Added to Police, Fire Units

Camden Courier-Post – March 17, 1966

Six policemen and three firemen were added to the city forces yesterday in appointments made by Keith Kauffman, director of public safety.

The new patrolmen are Robert F. Whalen, 25, of 2957 Hartford Road; Edward F. Eldred, 22, of 1014 Kenwood Avenue; Robert D. Bergman, 22, of 3148 Waldorf Avenue; Timothy J. McCarthy, 24, of 113 State Street; Henry W. Sanders, 23, of 535 Pfeiffer Avenue, and Frank Howard Jr., 23, of 1848 Mt. Ephraim Avenue.

The firemen are Daniel M. Gallucci, 26, of 1855 S. 4th Street; Thomas F. Broccoli, 22, of 1467 Pershing Street, and William G. O’Dennis, 22, of 436 Pfeiffer Street.

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