'Buck' Sage Held as 'Hit-Runner'

Camden Courier-Post - June 11, 1932

Detainer Lodged Against Sportsman in Shooting of Waterhouse

A detainer against Russell "Buck" Sage, held in Gloucester on a hit-run charge, was lodged last night by Camden police, who claim the South Camden sportsman "knows more than he has told" of the shooting of Harry "Gyp" Waterhouse.

Sage was arrested shortly after noon yesterday by Detective George Zeitz on a warrant issued by Police Recorder Oliver J. Stetser charging him with being the driver of an automobile which struck another machine in Gloucester early Thursday.

He will be given a hearing today. His arrest came a short time after he had appeared at Gloucester city hall and claimed ownership of an automobile which had been in a collision at 7 a.m Thursday. Blood found in the car led the police to believe Waterhouse was taken to the hospital in it a short time before the accident.

Waterhouse staggered into the West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital Thursday morning and asked that his wounded leg be treated. Physicians said he had been drinking, but they opined much of his intoxicated manner was feigned. He was taken to police headquarters, but later was returned to the hospital when he could not walk upstairs to police court.

Sage was one of three friends of the Waterhouse questioned about the shooting by Captain John Golden and Detective George Zeitz. The others were Raymond O'Connor, brother of the slain "Joey" O'Connor, and Harry Simon, brother of Patrolman Benjamin Simon. All professed ignorance of any details about the shooting, and were released. Later, Sage applied at Cooper hospital for treatment for a wrenched shoulder, which he said he received when he fell down a stairway.

Yesterday, however Sage went to Gloucester and claimed the car. It was alleged by the Gloucester police that the car struck another machine owned by John J. Bates, 2629 South Sartain street, Philadelphia, at Broadway and King street. According to the police, the driver of the car Sage claimed escaped.

Shortly after the accident the Gloucester police received a telephone call stating the car belonged to a Russell Shee, of Kaighn avenue near Fourth street, and had been stolen from Burlington and Essex streets, Gloucester.

However, the Gloucester police stated they have two witnesses who tentatively identified Sage as the driver of the hit-run car. Because the accident occurred not long after Waterhouse was taken to the hospital in a machine which immediately drove away, the police expressed belief it was Sage who took Waterhouse to the hospital and participated in the collision on his return trip.

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