Camden High School Purple and Gold Yearbook Excerpt - 1960

Ronald Smith, Sam Fisher, Ralph Heath, Golden Sunket, and Reginald Hammond compose the team whose spectacular ball playing has won a record of 48 wins 0 loses for Camden High School. Often called the "Little Globetrotters," they raised the crowd to its feet during several games as they staged what they call "show time."

Along with the starting five, Thomas Ashley, John Jobes, Arnold Stark, and Frank Stevens are capable members of the 1960 second squad. Stephen Schley, Wilson Pitts, Stephen Brown, and Charles Maddox, however, will carry on next year. With their aid, the fame of Camden High will continue to grow.

Many distinguished honors have been heaped upon our team and its exceptional coach, Anthony Alfano, during the past year. "Itchy" Smith received the richly deserved honor of being chosen "Player of the Year" in New Jersey. Certainly no one was more worthy of the title, "Coach of the Year," than Anthony Alfano. As a result of an all-around effort by the team and its assistants, it won for itself the State Championship for the second consecutive year.

C.H.S. will never forget how these dribbling, shooting, and singing boys came and took Camden like a storm. The pages of its history will be filled with praise for the Purple Avalanche of 1960.

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