Changes Ordered In Camden Police

Philadelphia Inquirer – November 26, 1922

Council Body Directs Solicitor Bleakly to Plan Re-organization of Department

Following an extended conference, the police committee of Camden City Council yesterday directed Solicitor Bleakly to prepare an ordinance for a partial reorganization of the Police Department. The new ordinance will provide for the captain and three lieutenants to direct the work of the three districts. There are six captains in the department now. Two of these, John Golden of the First district, and William E. Albert, of the Third district, will retire on December 15. The titles of three of the four remaining captains will be changed to lieutenants, with one in charge of each of the three districts. This will take two captains from headquarters and leave the work there in charge of sergeants.

Seven members of the department who have reached the age limit of 65 years will be retired on pension. They are: John Painted [sic], Charles Fitzsimons [sic]. Thomas Brothers, Frank Matlack, Edwin Thomas, Richard Golden and William Lyons. No new appointments will he made as detectives, inasmuch as Milton Stanley and Howard Smith, now in the country service, will return to the city detective department when Prosecutor Wolverton goes out of office in March. These two officers were loaned to the county five years ago.

It was intimated yesterday that Captain James E. Tatem, now a headquarters man attached to the Mayor’s office, will be the sole captain under the reorganization plan. He will be transferred to Chief Hyde‘s office and will have supervision of the three districts. It was also hinted that there will he other vacancies in the department through resignations to be asked for by the committee.

[Editor’s Note: This story erred in reporting, as retirement at age 65 was NOT mandatory at the time. William E. Albert, Richard Golden, Frank Matlack, and Edwin Thomas did retire. John Golden, John Painter, Charles Fitzsimmons, Thomas Brothers, and William Lyons continued to work in the Police Department. John Golden was eventually promoted to Chief of Police.]

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