Doris Indictment Studied by Police

Camden Courier-Post - May 1, 1929

Begins Probe of Flannery Case Records; May Press Connors Charge First

Assistant Prosecutor Rocco Palese yesterday began to prepare his office to take John Doris to a quick trial for the murder of Joseph "Mose" Flannery.

Although uncertain whether to try Doris immediately on the Flannery murder indictment, or to seek an indictment first on charges of shooting Joseph Connors, alleged racketeer, at Broadway and Kaighn Avenue early Sunday. Palese decided to learn the full strength of the old case against Doris. Connors, 28, appeared on the road to recovery last night, doctors in West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital said.

The Flannery indictment, handed up by the grand jury two days after the killing last September 18, reached Palese from the former regime in the prosecutor's office. He filed a detainer against Doris as soon as he received a certified copy of the old indictment yesterday. Doris, brother of one of the four executed Olney Bank bandits, is in jail on the Connors charges.

To be certain he would be prepared for either case, Palese also questioned several witnesses who had appeared before the grand jury on the Flannery case. He also said the present grand jury might reopen the Flannery case.

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