East Camden Bank

Philadelphia Inquirer – March 28, 1920

Organizers Announce Sale of 600 Shares of Stock

Prominent East Camden citizens are forming the East End Trust Company and at a meeting of the organization committee yesterday secretary Leon Todd presented a report showing that 600 shares of the 1000 shares of stock have been subscribed for.

This will be the first bank in East Camden and efforts are being made to dispose of all the stock in the Eleventh and Twelfth wards.

Among those back of the organization movement are: E. H. Antrim, Frank X. Braun, Albert E. Burling, George S. Cadwallader, Wayland P. Cramer, John Crawford, F. A. Finkeldey, Arthur R. Gemberling, Dr. C. F. Hadley, Lemuel D. Horner, Frank G. Hitchner, Victor King, Oswen D. Kline George C. Prince, William A. Regan, John Schimpf, William G. Schmid, Levi Stratton, Leon E. Todd, Frederick Von Neida, J. Newlin Wilkins.

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