Fireman Anderson May Not Recover

Camden Post-Telegram - May 3, 1916

Hurt in Truck-Trolley Crash He is Dangerously Ill at Cooper Hospital.


Injured in a collision at Fourth and Arch strets betwen a Public Service trolley and the big auto truck of No. 1 Truck Company, on the night of April 16, Lieutenant Harry Anderson, aged 43 years, of 1147 Federal street, is dangerously ill in Cooper Hospital from internal hurts and the effects of two operations.

Only partly unconscious becauase of the terrible pain, Anderson is just about able to recognize his friends. Although Cooper Hospital physicians insist his condition is not hopeless, Captain George B. Wade and fellow firemen of the injured laddie fear he will never get better.

His faithful wife is constantly at his bedside. Anderson failed to rally from the major operation performed at Cooper Hospital.

Following the accident Anderson was thought to be only slightly injured, When he was informed that he was internally injured he underwent an operation at the Homeopathis Hospital.

Anderson's condition has cast a pall of gloom over the members of the two companies at Fifth and Arch streets, He is one of the most popular fireman in the two companies. Hopes are entertained that he will recover, but the outlook is far from encouraging.

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