Held As White Slaver

Unknown publication – March 26, 1932

This post is courtesy of Rick Grenda in his Facebook Group, About South Jersey.

Stratford Man In Jail at Baltimore On Federal Charge Resulting from Interstate Probe

Baltimore, Md., March 25 – A former Stratford, N.J. resident is one of 11 men who were indicted here by a federal Grand Jury which began probing white slave activities after a fatal shooting at a Bladensburg, Md., roadhouse last fall.

He is Felix Boccicchio, alias Roland DiMille, alias Felix Bartlett, and is known throughout central Pennsylvania as “Man o’ War.” He has been in the Baltimore jail since he was wounded in the legs by a gang which invaded the Bladensburg roadhouse, said to have been the headquarters of a white slave ring operating in Maryland.

Those indicted on charges of violating the Mann Act are alleged to have transported two girls from Philadelphia into Maryland and two others from the District of Columbia.

The probe began last November after George Amick, Philadelphia was slain and five others, including Boccicchio, were wounded in the roadhouse battle.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1078153019230710/posts/1663243824054957

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