Man Who Sup’lied Racketeers’ Guns Brought to Court

Zanesville, Ohio – September 6, 1928

Seek $100,000 Bond for a Gun Salesman

Claim He Supplied Entire Underworld

Philadelphia, Sept 6 — Edward S. Goldberg, proprietor of the Military Sales company, believed to have been the man who supplied Philadelphia gangsters with machine guns and bullet proof vests today faced arraignment before Magistrate E.J. Pennock on perjury charges as a result of the latest development in the inquiry into the underworld here.

Goldberg was arrested late yesterday following his appearance before the grand jury investigating the rum racket. He was released under $35,000 bail for the hearing. District Attorney John Monaghan said he would ask that Goldberg be held in $100,000 bond.

Books of the Military Sales company were seized yesterday by police and, according to Monaghan, they revealed that hundreds of machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and a number of bullet proof vests had been sold by the company to Philadelphia gangsters.

Max “Boo Boo” Hoff, called the “king of bootleggers” by Monaghan is alleged to have purchased weapons and armor from Goldberg. Records of telegrams addressed to Hoff were found among the papers seized by police in Goldberg’s establishment, Managhan said.

Monaghan charged Hoff paid Goldberg for machine guns and bullet proof vests after the slaying of John Bricker and the wounding of Mickey Duffy here a year ago. The district attorney indicated that Frankie Bauledey and Peter Ford, the men for whom Hoff is alleged to have bought the guns and vests, will be called before the grand Jury. They are now serving terms in Western penitentiary.

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