Mayor to Study Pay Hikes

Camden Courier-Post – January 10, 1966

Mayor Alfred R. Pierce indicated today he would take no action on a request for $600,000 in salary increases from non-uniformed city employes until he receives and studies budget figures.

He said he expected to have the budget figures in his hands later today.

Representatives of Council 10, a Civil Service organization which represents 600 city employes [including the Electrical Bureau. –ed], asked the mayor for $1,000 increments per employ spread over a three-year period.

At the meeting in his office, the mayor promised that the second half of a $300 two-year increment would be granted as promised but any further pay hike would have to wait for an examination of the budget.

Three other requests made by Council 10 were granted by the mayor. They were:

  1. To give the employes a bi-weekly pay period. They now are paid on the 15th and 30th of the month.
  2. Establish the overtime pay at the regular pay rate. Employes, regardless of what they make, are now paid a flat $2.50 an hour for overtime.
  3. Establish the minimum wage rate at $1.25 an hour. Council said as many as 15 or 20 employes are now making less than $1.25 an hour.

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