Michaels Anxious to Beat Spearing

Camden Courier-Post – August 29, 1928

Riverside Youngster Out to Erase Cabana Defeat; Spearing Has Iron Jaw

The Joe Spearing-Joey Michaels bout, which is slated as the semi- windup to the Roxie Allen-Emory Cabana fight at the Public Service Park on Friday night, is attracting nearly as much interest as the wind-up.

Spearing is rapidly becoming one of the best drawing cards in this section. Joe was on the sidelines for nearly a year before he exchanged wallops with Patsy Carlo, of South Camden, about a month ago. Spearing fooled the experts by holding the rugged Carlo even in this fight and then climaxed his showing by winning the decision in a return bout.

Spearing took a lot of punishment in those two battles, but he took all of Carlo’s beat without murmer and handed out enough himself to convince the fans that he was there after his long layoff.

And now comes the test against the hard-punching Joey Michaels. There is no denying the fact that the Riverside youngster packs a mean wallop, and although Michaels dropped a decision to Cabana in his last time out, his previous great record still is vividly in the minds of the fans.

Michaels Trying Comeback

Michaels is out to erase that Cabana defeat, and hopes to climb back into his winning stride against Spearing.

Spearing has proved that he can “take it” and it remains to be seen if Michaels can make an impression on his iron jaw. Carlo couldn’t make Spearing whince, and now it remains to be seen if Michaels packs a hard enough punch to dent it.

Spearing can throw quite a few punches himself, and if Michaels gets in the way of one of his swings, he may hear the “birdies peep” for the second time.

At any rate, there is bound to be plenty of action, as Spearing is fighting to get into windup fights, while Joey has to prove that he deserves another chance to fight in the feature bouts.

Three other events round out the night’s program. Kid Boots, of Riverside, meets Joe Lill, U. 5. Marine Corps, in the main preliminary of six rounds, while Joe “Kid” Kelly, of Camden, clashes with Freddy Brady, of Philadelphia, in the second six-round tilt. Frankie Mack, of South Camden, appears in the six-round curtain raiser along with Joe Powell, of Whitman Park.

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