New Chairmanship of the Camden Chamber of Commerce Committee

Philadelphia Inquirer – October 7, 1921

Circuit Court Judge Frank T. Lloyd yesterday accepted chairmanship of the Camden Chamber of Commerce Committee which is to study the unemployment question and make suggestions for remedial measures. With Judge Lloyd on the committee are: Alban Eavenson, of Eavenson & Levering; Belford G. Royal, of the Victor Talking Machine Company; Congressman Francis F. Patterson. Mayor Charles H. Ellis, former United States Senator David Baird, I. A Hawkes, of the Hunt Pen Company; Frank Vanhart, president of City Council, and an official of the Esterbrook Pen Company; John Prentice, director of the Board of Freeholders; Burleigh B. Draper, of the Broadway Trust Company. A. C Dorrance, of the Campbell Soup Company; Lawyer William S. Darnell, CW, Tomlinson, of the R. M. Hollingshed Company; James V. Moran, of the Hurley Company; Rev. Thomas J. Whelen pastor of the Church of the Holy Name; J. D. Johnson. of the State Employment Bureau: Rev Charles B. Dubell, director of St. John’s P. E. Church; Elmer E. Long, of Munger & Long: Mrs. Dr. A. H. Lippincott, Mrs. W. Penn Corson and Mrs. Harry Pelouze.

The committee was named by William E. Bennett, president of the Chamber of Commerce, whose aims are to have an immediate inquiry with the idea of a report being made by the end of the month.

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