Turtle Wins Fatal Fight

The Morning Post, Camden, New Jersey – 1907-08-02

Peter Gondolff Witnesses Encounter in Which “Copper Head” Snake is Killed

Presents the Victor To Charlie Rouh

Eating lunch in a skirt of woods along the White Horse pike, yesterday, “Pete” Gondolff, a lineman, who lives in the Eight ward, had his attention drawn to a commotion in a small clump of bushes a few feet distant.

“Pete” approached the spot cautiously and his hair nearly stood on ends as he witnessed a fight to the death between a big land turtle and a half-grown “copper head” snake.

For a time the snake seemed to have the better of the battle, but the turtle finally caught the snake in the middle of the back. A few crunches of the turtle’s beak and the fight was won.

“Pete” brought the turtle to town with him and gave it to Charles Rouh, of Broadway and Ferry avenue. The turtle is in appearance like any of the species except that it has a red head and the head is shaped like that of a snake.

Mr. Rouh has a collection of turtles and gold fish. In speaking of the singular marking of the turtle this morning he said he had searched his books of reference diligently, but could find nothing to enlighten him on the subject.

Several hunters and naturalists who have examined the turtle say they never saw its like. Mr. Rouh has named it “Pete.”

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