Who Killed Margaret Day?

On May 3, 1974 a 19-year old student at Rutgers University in Camden, Margaret Day, was murdered by an unknown assailant. The murdered approached Miss Day as she approached The Grille, a bar at 213 North 6th Street that was frequented by Rutgers students at that time.

The murder apparently was not part of a robbery, and no connection could be made to anyone who had been in the bar earlier that evening when a disturbance occurred. With little forensic evidence to go on, standard investigative procedure at that time under the circumstances was to question possible suspects and try to obtain a confession. Although many parties, some with extensive criminal backgrounds were questioned, no one admitted to the crime.

In June of 2006 Phil Cohen met a retired homicide investigator who had worked for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. He spoke about the case, telling me “This was the only case I never cleared. After all these years, I still think about this at least three times a week.”

That being said, your humble web guy (that’s Phil), thought “This website has solved a few mysteries for other people, but obviously nothing like this. Maybe I can help”.

Phil searched the web, and only found one reference to this case, the news article at left from the June 3, 1974 edition of the Bucks County PA Courier-Times.

It has been over 40 years since Miss Day was slain. Perhaps the person who did this to her has passed on as well, perhaps not. In any event, she deserves to not be forgotten, and the circumstances of her death demand our attention still.

Phil Cohen
May 10, 2015

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