Wilson Kayos SAIA In 2nd at Olympia

Camden Courier Post – January 8, 1943

Sergt. Jackie Wilson, a bomber from Mitchell Field, gave 2000 fans at the Philadelphia Olympia last night a graphic illustration of why Sugar Ray Robinson won’t fight.

He proved beyond a doubt that Sugar is a man of good judgment by knocking out Frankie Saia, Southwark Navy Yard worker, in 1.12 of the second round. It was the first time Saia was ever counted out in five years of milling.

Wilson, weighing 145%, obligingly helped two handlers carry inert 140% pounds back to his corner.

In scheduled six-round preliminaries, Al Jordan, 181, Southwark, fought a draw with Willle Thomas, 205, Southwark; Jimmy McAllister, 131, Baltimore, knocked out Frankie McGrane, 136, West Philadelphia, in 227 of the second; Charlie Williams, 130, Southwark, outpointed Hughie Civatte, 132, Kensington, and Joey Longo, 121, Baltimore, knocked out Joey Allen, 124 1/2, Southwark, in 2.54 of the fourth.

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