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Milton Milan

Milton Milan is an american Democratic politician. He was the first Latino mayor of Camden, New Jersey, elected in 1997, before being convicted of corruption and subsequently removed from office, becoming the third Camden mayor in 20 years to be found guilty of corruption.

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Camden's Mayors

List of Camden Mayors from 1928-2021

Camden Commercial College
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Camden Commercial College

The CAMDEN COMMERCIAL COLLEGE INC., a privately owned and operated business college, had opened its doors in the Temple Theater building at 415 Market Street by 1906. George O. Swartz, of Wenonah, was then the school's president, with Joel O. Swartz of Devon PA serving as the secretary and treasurer of the corporation.

By 1924 the Camden Commercial College had relocated to 323-325 Federal Street, with a rear entrance on Arch Street. The school remained open at this location as late as 1947. By 1956 the school had closed its doors.

1914 North Camden, Downtown, and South Camden to Walnut Street.
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1914 Street Maps

The City of Camden had a very different look than that of today. In 1914, when the map depicted here was published, the Yorkship Square neighborhood had not been built, and the land was to occupy was part of Haddon Heights, a great part of East Camden was part of Stockton Township, and as the Ben Franklin Bridge had not been built, there was no Admiral Wilson Boulevard. In 1914 the airplane was only two years old, there were no airports, thus no Airport Circle!

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Seven Brothers Baking Company

THE SEVEN BROTHERS BAKING COMPANY was founded in 1910. In 1916, the seven Canzanese brothers, nephews of the original owner, took over management of the bakery. Under the direction of Vincent Canzanese, the bakery grew and was improved upon year by year. Originally delivering bread and rolls in Camden by horse-drawn wagons, the Seven Brothers Baking Company made the switch to trucks. By the fall of 1936 they were operating a fleet of eighteen vehicles, and were servicing groceries and restaurants over much of South Jersey. That year the Seven Brothers Baking Company introduced a new rectangular, pre-sliced Italian bread, a breakaway from the traditional round loaf.

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Rand Street

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Langham Avenue

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Leonard Avenue

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Baring Street

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Liberty Street

American National Bank - 1213 Broadway, Camden, NJ
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American National Bank

Founded in the mid-1920s, The American National Bank built a fine building at 1213 Broadway which is still standing today, although it has been boarded up and vacant for many years. The bank's President was Elmer Ellsworth Long, who had been a principle in the Munger & Long Department Store at Broadway and Federal Street for many years. Another director was Louis Waisban, who owned a grocery and had real estate interests in Cramer Hill.

Camden from South 3rd Street to South 6 Street, between Amber & Chestnut Streets - 1946
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Amber Street

AMBER STREET is a small street that runs parallel to Kaighn Avenue from South 4th Street to South 6th Street. In earlier times, Amber Street extended as far west as South 2nd Street. Amber Street is best known as "the alley next to Triangle Liquor" east of Broadway, and "the alley next to the bank" west of Broadway. Although there were homes on Amber Street as late as the 1910s, by the time the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled, there were no occupied addresses on Amber Street.