Biagio 'Benny' Acquaro
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Biagio ‘Benny’ Acquaro

BIAGIO ‘BENNY’ ACQUARO was born in Philadelphia PA on March 22, 1906. His mother Nunziata passed away at the age 45 when Benny was only two years old, on August 22, 1908. His father Giuseppe took him and his two sisters, Mary and Catherine, to Italy. All three worked the fields in the valley of Accettura.

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Dr. Henry Ackley

Camden’s North Ward in the 1840s. Thomas Ackley was employed from the 1840s through the 1860s as a bank teller. Henry Ackley studied medicine under Professors E. Wallage and William Keating, and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1858. He came to Camden, and was a member of the Camden City and Camden County Medical Societies.

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George Ackerle

GEORGE ACKERLE was born December 14, 1920 in New Jersey. He was one of at least seven children born to Paul F. and Anna Ackerle. The Ackerles lived in Deptford NJ through at least April of 1930. Paul Ackerle was a baker by trade, working in Camden as early as 1918, and young George followed him into that trade. Sometime after 1930 Paul Ackerle moved to Camden NJ. By 1947 he owned his own bakery, Ackerle’s Bakery at 653 Ferry Avenue. Paul Ackerle and family were then living at 1128 Jackson Street in Camden’s Whitman Park neighborhood. George Ackerle was renting a home at 322 York Street in North Camden, and his brother Paul, then in the United States Navy, resided there as well. 

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Arch Street

ARCH STREET lays between Federal and Market Street in downtown Camden. At one time, the street ran…

Charles Aceto's Drive It Yourself Truck Rental
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325 Arch Street

325 Arch Street, Camden, NJ. Photos and Residents

Charles and Alma Aceto
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Charles Angelo Aceto

CHARLES ANGELO ACETO – Enterprise, industry, originality, and determination that overcomes all obstacles to success are characteristic of many young men from European countries who have sought this country for opportunity, and Charles Angelo Aceto affords a conspicuous example of one of these young men, who, in spite of handicaps, has entered into prosperity solely through his own efforts.

Charles A. Aceto
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Charles A. Aceto

CHARLES ANGELO ACETO was born in Italy on April 16, 1891 and came to America with his father in 1900. He threw himself into his education and into becoming proficient in the English language. He went into the bus and taxi business for himself with one station wagon, and by 1924 was operating a fleet of eight buses, providing regular service between the Market Street ferry and Parkside.

Robert V. Aceto, Jr.
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Robert V. Aceto, Jr.

Robert Aceto was a musician who was born and grew up in Camden, NJ. He was killed in a car accident at the age of 62.

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Charles M. Abrahamson

, where he worked as a clerk in a store. He was then a lodger in the home of Frederic Sohn, at 489 York Avenue. He married around 1881.

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Henry Magin

William Abels
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William Abels

WILLIAM ABELS was born in Pennsylvania around 1839 to Andrew and Sarah Abels. His family was living in Wilmington in 1850. After leaving Wilmington they moved around the country, residing at times in Camden, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Mobile, Alabama. William Abels began working with volunteer fire companies in around 1853 and helped form the first paid fire company in the United States.

Rocco Abbott's WW2 Registration Card
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Rocco Abbott World War 2 Registration Card

Serial Number: 1179
1. Name: Rocco Frank Abbott
2. Place of Residence: 26 E. Cuthbert Blvd. Westmont NJ
3. Mailing Address: 26 E. Cuthbert Blvd. Westmont NJ
4. Telephone: Coll 1718-W
5. Age in Years: 48
6. Place of Birth: Philadelphia
Date of Birth: Sept 21, 1893
Town or county: Phila. Penna.
7. Name and Address of Person who will always know your address: Mrs. Emma A. Gordon, 26 E. Cuthbert Blvd.
8. Employer’s Name and Address: City of Camden – Bureau of Fire
9. Place of Employment: Fire Hqrts 54 Arch Street Camden, Camden, NJ