FIRST AMBULANCE - Lts. William Bryant (left) and Fred Scheitzer of teh Camden City Police Department worked as a team more than 50 years ago on the city's first ambulance. The department first began using the horse-drawn buggies for ambulance purposes in 1907. Prior to that the vehicles were used as patrol wagons only. The fire department was first mechanized in 1910 and the other departments soon followed suit.
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A Brief History of Ambulance Services in Camden

Camden's new automobile police patrol and ambulance were put in service on July 14, 1910. One of the first drivers was Albert S. York, who eventually rose to the rank of Sergeant on the Camden Police Department.

John G Hutchison
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John G. Hutchison

John G. Hutchison was the superintendent of the West Jersey Ferry for more than 30 years and was a Camden "lifer."

Martin W Baskow - 1967-07-15
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Martin W. Baskow

Martin W. Baskow was a small business owner in Camden, NJ who was brutally murdered in his bar on July 14, 1967. The case remains unsolved.

Jersey Joe Walcott
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Arnold R. Cream (aka Jersey Joe Walcott)

Arnold Raymond Cream on January 31, 1914, outside of Camden NJ, later known as boxer Jersey Joe Walcott.

Lumber Trees Stock Photo
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DuBell Lumber Company

In 1922 William, Charles, and grandson Lester went into business for themselves, founding the DuBell Lumber Company at 18th and Federal Street in East Camden.

Stock photo of a bar
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Nine-Thirty-Nine Bar

The Nine-Thirty-Nine Bar, formerly a cigar shop, was a bar which was eventually razed after the brutal murder of its owner and the construction of Rt 676.

Sergeant Boston Corbett, photographed by Matthew Brady
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Thomas P. "Boston" Corbett

Born Thomas P. Corbett, Boston Corbett is known for killing John Wilkes Booth, President Lincoln's assassin. Less known is that he lived in Camden, NJ.

Frank M Lario - 1936-08-06
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Frank M. Lario, Sr.

Frank M. Lario was a 1930 graduate of the South Jersey Law School in Camden. A gifted artist, he drew several sketches for the school yearbook.

Sergeant Boston Corbett, photographed by Matthew Brady
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Abraham Lincoln and Boston Corbett (Digital Book)

A digitally scanned book called "Abraham Lincoln and Boston Corbett"

John Tisa
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John Tisa

John Tisa was a member of the Young People's Socialist League, the Socialist Party and various other movements, including leading union strikes in Camden.

William Laute Saloon - 701 Fairview Street - Circa 1903
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William Laute

William Laute was born in Germany and lived on Fairview Street in Camden, NJ, where he operated a saloon and regularly had run-ins with the law.

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Frank McLaughlin

Frank McLaughlin was born in Camden, New Jersey on July 11, 1900 to William McLaughlin Sr. and his wife the former Margaret Maguire.