Angelo Anthony Leveccia (aka Joey Allen)

JOEY ALLEN was the name that Angelo Anthony Levecchia boxed under from 1928 through 1943. He was born in Camden, New Jersey on November 12, 1912 to Anthony Levecchia and his wife, the former Anna Maria Onorati. His father worked for as a laborer for many years at Camden Forge. Angelo Levecchia was one of at least six children, coming after Henry and Nicholas and before Lillian, Mary, and Joseph. Under the ring name of Joey Allen, he became one of the many fine boxers that emerged from South Camden in the 1920s and 1930s.

The 1930 Census and the 1931 City Directory lists him at 429 Beckett Street. The 1943 Directory shows him residing at 523 Pine Street.

After Joey Allen hung up his gloves, he stayed in the boxing game as a trainer. Partnering with Anthony Georgette he took over the contract of Moses Lee, better known as Pedro Firpo and was instrumental in getting Jersey Joe Walcott into position to win the heavyweight championship of the world. He also trained local fighter Bill Flowers and Buck Streater. Joey Allen was Walcott's trainer from 1945 until October of 1948 when they and Walcott's manager, Felix Bocchiccio agreed to part ways. Joey Allen remained in the fight game as a trainer as late as 1957.

Joey Allen married Antoniette Cardile in January of 1951. The couple lived at 242 Powelton Avenue in Woodlynne during the 1950s. On January 1, 1954 they were blessed with a daughter, Antoinette. A son, Michael, came later. Outside of the ring he was involved with the Zuni Athletic Association.

In 1955 he took a job as a maintenance man with the Campbell Soup Company in Camden, He retired in 1977. In his later years Joey Allen stepped away from boxing. He and his wife had moved to Marlton by 1984. Angelo Levecchia, known to the sporting world as Joey Allen, passed away in January of 1992.

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