Charles H. Allen

CHARLES H. ALLEN was born in New Jersey in 1847 to Mary and William H. Allen. His father was in the tin roof business, and later opened op a shop where sold stoves, heaters, and ranges. The Allen family was living in Camden’s South Ward when the census was taken in 1850, in the North Ward in 1860. He was one of three children, coming after Emma and before Caroline. Charles H. Allen married in the 1860s. When the Census was taken in 1870 he was living with his wife Emma and children Maggie and William in Camden’s South Ward. He worked as a tinsmith, most likely for his father. The 1870s do not appear to have been good to Charles H. Allen, as his wife and children were not living with him when the 1880 Census was enumerated. He had remarried, and was living at his father’s shop at 8 Market Street with his wife Ann and children Charles Jr. and Rosanna. Another son, William H. Allen, was born in May of 1883.

In the spring of 1884 Charles H. Allen was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as an extra man with the Hook & Ladder Company, replacing Samuel Welch. He served until July 1, 1885 when the Fire Department was reorganized and eighteen of the extra men were let go. Charles H. Allen was one of that number. Charles H. Allen and family remained at 8 Market Street through 1890. He died in 1892 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.

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