Edward Eldred

EDWARD WIETT ELDRED III was a career officer in the Camden Police Department. His grandparents, Edward and Lydia Eldred, had come to Camden sometime after 1930 and had settled at 231 North 3rd Street by 1942. Edward Eldred III was born in Camden on April 1, 1943 to Alma Edward W. Eldred Jr. His family lived at 362 Dudley Street in the Westfield Acres public housing project in the late 1940s.

After serving in the United States Army Edward Eldred joined the force in 1966. He was living at 1014 Kenwood Avenue in Parkside when, while on duty in 1967, he was involved in a car accident while riding with Officer Robert Bergman.

Edward Eldred married Helen Miller around 1971 and moved to Sicklerville, NJ shortly thereafter, where they raised three children.

During his time on the Camden Department, Edward Eldred served in the internal affairs and patrol divisions. He retired as a sergeant in 1994 after serving 28 years.

After a long illness, Edward W. Eldred III passed away on November 28, 2006. He was survived by his wife Helen and three children, Danielle, Courtney, and Stephen.

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