George O. Addison

GEORGE OWENS ADDISON, the son of William H. Addison and his wife, the former Pheobe Ann Drew, was born in Gloucester County, New Jersey on December 4, 1853. His family went to North Jersey for a time, and when the 1860 Census was taken lived in Chatham, in Morris County. When the Census was next enumerated, in 1870, George Addison was living in Deptford Township in Gloucester County. The Census Post Office of record was that of nearby Woodbury, New Jersey. On February 23, 1876 in Woodbury George Addison married Emma Virginia Garwood. The couple moved to Paulsboro, New Jersey before the 1880 Census was taken, and later moved a sort distance from Paulsboro to East Greenwich Township, where they were living in 1900.

During this time nine children were born to the Addisons, six of whom survived childhood. The children were:
– William H Addison (1876 – 1877)
– George Owens Addison Jr. (1878 – 1962)
– Catharine F. “Kate” Addison (1880 – 1949)
– Ella Addison (1882 – 1952)
– Matilda “Tillie” Addison (1884 – 1916)
– Israel Garwood Addison (1885 – 1890)
– Mary Elizabeth Addison (1887 – 1974)
– John T. Addison (1890 – 1981)
– Thomas Addison (1891 – 1892)

Shortly after the 1900 Census was taken, George O. Addison moved to Camden to work as a driver. The family is listed at 317 Pine Street in City Directories from 1901 through 1903. From 1904 through 1906 The Addisons are listed at 927 South 3rd Street. George O. Addison, Sr.. was working as a foreman, while George Jr. worked as a driver for a short time before striking out on his own and eventually with his wife Ollie leaving Camden. George O. Addison Sr. and family moved every year for five years after 1906. 1907 saw them at 109 Chestnut Street, 1908 at 253 Mt. Vernon Street, 1909 at 281 Sycamore Street, 1910 at 277 Sycamore Street, and in 1911 at 281 Chestnut Street, where they stayed for two years. Son John T. Addison began working in 1909, and remained with his parents for a few years before marrying and moving out.

The 1913 Census shows George O. Addison had moved once again, to 234 Sycamore Street. Sadly, his wife Emma passed away on December 23, 1913. George O. Addison continued working as a foreman, and is listed at 320 Chestnut Street in the 1914, 195, and 1916 City Directories. The 1917 edition shows that he had moved to 1117 Emma Street. By the time the 1918-1919 Camden City Directory was being compiled, George O. Addison had left Camden, eventually returning to Gloucester County. By 1930 he was living with his daughter Ella and her husband, Harold Reed, on Salem Avenue in Deptford Township, New Jersey. He passed away on March 30, 1935 at the age of 81.

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