John G. Hutchison

CAPTAIN JOHN GRIER HUTCHISON "sailed the seven seas" before marrying a girl from Camden and settling in the city. He was born in Delaware in 1828 A master carpenter, he was appointed Superintendent of the West Jersey Ferry, a post he held with distinction for over 30 years, prior to his passing at the age of 68 on June 29, 1896.

The 1880 Census shows Captain Hutchsion and family at 308 North Front Street. Directories from 1883 through 1886 show Captain Hutchison living at 305 North Front Street. The 1887 City Directory lists him at 110 North 2nd Street. From 1888 through his passing he resided at 110 Linden Street.

Captain Hutchison was survived by four sons and four daughters. One son was Tennie G. Hutchison, who had a plumbing business in Camden for many years. Captain Hutchison's grandson, Tennie G. Hutchison Jr., was a member of the Camden Fire Department the 1920s and 1930s.

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