Rocco F. Abbott

ROCCO FRANK ABBOTT was born in Philadelphia on September 21, 1893 to Frank and Maria Abbatto. By 1910 his family had moved to Camden, New Jersey. Rocco Abbott lived with his parents at 910 South 3rd Street. His older brother Antonio, a tailor, lived around the corner at 302 Spruce Street. The 1914 Camden City Director indicates that the family had Americanized their last name from Abbatto to Abbott. Rocco Abbott was still living at 910 South 3rd Street at that time.

In June of 1917, when he registered for the draft, Rocco Abbott was working as a bartender at Gordon's Hotel & Livery, at 801 South 2nd Street. He was living at 807 South 2nd Street.

Rocco Abbott was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in the early 1920s. He was still living at 807 South 2nd Street as late as 1929. By April of 1930 he had moved to 910 South 3rd Street, where he lived with his brother Anthony. He moved to Westmont in the 1930s.

Still with the Camden Fire Department in the spring of 1942, Rocco Abbott was then staying at 26 East Cuthbert Road in Westmont, with his former employer, Mrs. Emma Gordon, then lived. He remained at this address until his passing in October of 1968.

It is not known when Rocco Abbott left the Camden Fire Department. He would have had to take a mandatory retirement at age 65.

Rocco Abbott's first cousin, Frank A. "Chick" Abbott, served for many years as a Camden city commissioner and Director of Public Works.

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