Samuel B. F. Alcott

SAMUEL B. F. ALCOTT was born in New Jersey in February, 1855 to John Alcott and his wife, the former Elizabeth Fox, most likely in Burlington County, New Jersey, where he resided though at least 1870. By 1880 Samuel Alcott had moved to Camden, New Jersey.

Samuel B. F. Alcott served with the Camden Fire Department in 1882 and 1883, as a turnkey at the County Jail in the late 1880s, and also was a member of the Camden Police Department as late as 1905. Late in life he worked as a watchman at the Camden Post Office. Politically aligned with the Democrats, in the full-contact sport that was Camden politics in the years between the Civil War and World War I, Samuel B. F. Alcott was a frequent participant.

Samuel B. F. Alcott married Rhoda Conn in 1887. Two sons, Richard Smith Alcott and William J. Alcott were born of this marriage.

Samuel B. F. Alcott passed in 1921 and was buried at Pemberton Baptist Church in Pemberton, New Jersey.

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