Samuel P. Orlando

SAMUEL P. ORLANDO was born in Italy on April 26, 1900 to Tony and Fortune Orlando. He came to America in 1909. When the Census was taken in 1910 the family lived in Bridgeton NJ where the elder Orlando and older brother Mike, then 18, worked as laborers at a glass factory. A daughter, Jennie, was also at home.

Samuel P. Orlando was living in Bridgeton NJ and attending Bridgeton High School when he registered for the draft in September of 1918. The family was still in Bridgeton in January of 1920, when the Census was enumerated. No one in the family had by then become US citizens.

After high school Samuel P. Orlando pursued a career in law. By 1926 Samuel Orlando had married Elsie, also a lawyer. The couple soon moved to Camden. When the 1930 Census was taken in April of that year, the Orlando's and daughter Letitia lived at 2613 Baird Boulevard in East Camden. By this time he had his own established law firm. On of his early hires as an associate was Frank M. Lario Sr. He was involved in local politics as a Democrat, and would serve as an alternate delegate to the 1932 Democratic National Convention. He would return as a full delegate to such conventions in 1936, 1940, 1948, and 1956.

Samuel P. Orlando was appointed Assistant Camden County prosecutor on September 6, 1928 by County Prosecutor Ethan P. Wescott, replacing Joseph Varbalow, who had resigned in order to concentrate on business interests. On September 18, 1928 as Eighth Ward political figure, Joseph "Mose" Flannery, who had ties to organized crime, was mortally wounded outside a saloon in the 100 block of Kaighn Avenue. This sparked an investigation on the part of Orlando into vice and police corruption in Camden.

By October of 1936 Samuel P. Orlando had succeeded Wescott as County Prosecutor. During Orlando's tenure, several capital cases were prosecuted to conviction, including those of William John Stephan in 1936 and the Reverend Walter Dworecki in 1939. Samuel P. Orlando worked closely with long-time Camden County Chief of Detectives Lawrence Doran in cracking these and other cases.

Samuel P. Orlando maintained offices at 130 North Broadway, in the Wilson Building. He moved his practice to Haddonfield NJ sometime after 1959.

Samuel P. Orlando was a resident of Camden at the time of the 1930 census. By 1947 he had moved to a house at 111 Upland Way in Haddonfield, where he resided until his death in May of 1972.

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