Arch Street

ARCH STREET lays between Federal and Market Street in downtown Camden. At one time, the street ran from Delaware Avenue though to North 5th Street, and the street was a well known thoroughfare. Over the years various projects have encroached on Arch Street, if weren’t looking, you would never know it was there… or ever had been.

Arch Street at one time had the Collings Carriage Company, which became the Campbell Soup Company garage, Camden Commercial College, and several other businesses. There were three well known bars, Oetzel’s Saloon, the Arch Cafe, and the Genova Cafe. The Cooperson Brothers auto body shop had one of their buildings on Arch Street as well.

Probably the most notable building to sit on Arch Street was the old Camden Fire Department building at 5th and Arch Street. The Masonic Temple sat on 4th Street, just off of Arch for many years, until it was razed to make way for the Camden Fire Department’s administration building.

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