Berkley Street

BERKLEY STREET was originally and was for many, many years spelled Berkeley Street. The street was named for Lord Berkeley, who, with Sir George Carteret owned the colony of New Jersey from 1664 to 1674. When originally laid out, Berkley Street east of Broadway was known as Hamilton Street, in honor of Hamilton Beckett of London, England, the son of Henry and Mary Beckett. The Becketts at one time owned the land from Royden to Line Street and from West to Second Street. In 1882, to avoid confusion, the name of Hamilton Street was dropped, and the street became Berkley Street for its entire length. Similar adjustments were made for Washington Street and Clinton Street.

In 1902 the Pennsylvania Railroad opened up a series of freight sheds on South Second Street at Berkley Street.

The 200 Block of Berkley Street was razed along with several other blocks west of South 3rd and south of Mickle Street around 1970 to make room for the Royal Court Townhomes and the Mickle Tower apartment building.

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