Haddon Avenue

Haddon Avenue is one of the oldest roads in Camden, dating back to at least 1792 when it became basically a bridle path and later used by the Hessians during the Revolutionary War. The road was graveled in the early 1820's. In 1839 an act of the New Jersey Legislature enabled the incorporation of the Haddonfield & Camden Turnpike Company. At this time, Haddon Avenue was funded by stock sales and, later tolls, with the tollgates being at approximately Euclid Avenue in Camden, where Lady of Lourdes Hospital is now, and the other on the southwest corner of Crystal Lake and Haddon Avenue in Haddon Township.

This road was finished in 1847 and was a toll road for many years. In Camden, Haddon Avenue runs southeast from 592 Federal Street to the city limits in the direction of Collingswood, Haddon Township, and Haddonfield.

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