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American National Bank - 1213 Broadway, Camden, NJ

American National Bank, 1213 Broadway

Founded in the mid-1920s, The American National Bank built a fine building at 1213 Broadway which is still standing today, although it has been boarded up and vacant for many years. The bank’s President was Elmer Ellsworth Long, who had been a principle in the Munger & Long Department Store at Broadway and Federal Street for many years. Another director was Louis Waisban, who owned a grocery and had real estate interests in Cramer Hill.

Camden from South 3rd Street to South 6 Street, between Amber & Chestnut Streets - 1946

Amber Street

AMBER STREET is a small street that runs parallel to Kaighn Avenue from South 4th Street to South 6th Street. In earlier times, Amber Street extended as far west as South 2nd Street. Amber Street is best known as “the alley next to Triangle Liquor” east of Broadway, and “the alley next to the bank” west of Broadway. Although there were homes on Amber Street as late as the 1910s, by the time the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled, there were no occupied addresses on Amber Street.