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Joseph Alcorn Tombstone

Joseph A. Alcorn

JOSEPH A. ALCORN was born in Camden, New Jersey in February of 1919 to Mary and William Alcorn. He was the youngest of eight children, coming after James G., William Joseph, Rose, Marie Frances, Thomas J., Genevieve, and Rita. The family came to Camden some time after 1914. By 1918 they had settled at 906 North 9th Street in North Camden, near the Highland woolen mills at North 10th and State Streets. William Alcorn was a foreman at the mill, and his two oldest sons also worked their when they became of age.

13 Given Oath at City Hall as New Firemen

13 Given Oath at City Hall as New Firemen

Thirteen new firemen were sworn in today by Safety Director E. George Aaron in ceremonies at City Hall.