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Historical Sketch of Camden

At this point I am tempted, in a few bold strokes of this historical sketch, to tell of the evolution of the wilderness into a city, of the felling of primeval forest, of the growth of roads and streets from little pathways, of the founding of new homes, the advent of new faces, and of the innumerable things which gradually but surely alter the face of the land, but were I to attempt it I fear that the good people who have the courage to read this introduction would accuse me of theft of an idea from Hawthorne"s charming story "Main Street", of the facts from Mr. Cooper"s delightful and instructive sketch.

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Religious History of Camden

The religious history of Camden, NJ, from George Reeser Prowell's History of Camden County, New Jersey, 1886

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Russell H. Conwell: Acres of Diamonds

Russell Conwell delivered his Acres of Diamonds speech over 5000 times at various times and places from the 1890s through 1925. He delivered it in Camden on March 21, 1893 at the First Baptist Church, 28 North 4th Street.